Former City Commissioner Harvey Ward will be the new mayor of Gainesville, Florida. What it means for Gainesville; view Gainesville election results

Harvey Ward Wins the Gainesville Mayoral Race

Former Gainesville City Commissioner Harvey Ward will go on to replace Lauren Poe as the mayor of Gainesville. Ward, 55-years-old and a father of three kids, has two decades of experience in the nonprofit sector managed to persevere against his opponent, Ed Bielarski, in a contentious race that dealt with topics spanning the gamut from infrastructure to green energy.

Throughout the mayoral race, Ward has been a staunch supporter of expanding community welfare, advocating for the expansion of affordable housing, public transportation, and waste reduction. He has also emphasized the need to expand infrastructure and provide job programs to the poor. 

During his time as a commissioner, Ward supported initiatives such as the zero-waste program, moving elections to the fall to boost turnout, and expanding homeless shelters.

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Featured image: Florida Political Review Gainesville mayor candidate graphic depicting Harvey Ward. Image by Maria Varas.

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