President Trump held a rally in Melbourne, Florida

On Saturday, President Trump held a rally in Melbourne, Florida to launch a reelection campaign. This launch is early by epic proportions. Never in modern history has a holder of the office of President of the United States announced his bid for reelection before the midterms, let alone in the first month in office. He ran a campaign about bringing government back to the people and now he has decided that he will ignore actually getting work done to try for the office again.

How can he say that he acts in the people’s best interest while he dedicates the entire four years to running for office? The first hundred days are the most productive portion of a President’s tenure in office, so why does he believe that using that portion of time to promote himself to win another election is necessary?

It is quite evident to me that he understands one thing and that is that he is unpopular and he needs to be loved? How do you become loved? Campaign for it.

He wants to go down as the most loved man to ever hold this nation’s highest office. He is content with merely holding office but not exercising the powers of the office. For this, his White House is in shambles. He has lost battles in his cabinet appointments. He has not even attempted to move a legislative agenda. All he has done is write a couple executive orders that have possibly violated United States Code and has done little but force a court battle which he lost because his action was unconstitutional.

He has a desire to be loved. Why else is he putting down the news agencies that are not sycophants to him. He brought news organizations that lack credibility into the briefing room because they give him favorable coverage. In his last several press conferences he called on, almost exclusively, news organization that lie on their backs for him.

This omitted several of the most respected reporters from organizations that reach the most people. He called the media the enemy of the American people. The media reports on the President on our behalf.

He does not have the authority to attack the media as a whole. He can attack individual stories that he finds fault with, but discrediting the media is what Senator John McCain says is “how dictators get started.”

He ran for President so he understands how news agencies dissect every little portion of a person’s life. He knows what it is like to be under siege, by more than just the media in fact. Trump needs to start cooperating with the media so that he can cooperate with the American people.

President Trump is leaving behind the people that elected him to this office. He won the Republican primary election because he wanted to change government, so that those in office would focus on working not getting reelected.

There are those who voted for him because of his attitudes on some other social issues but they did not win the election for him. He won the General Election because in the last month he wanted to “drain the swamp” and get Washington moving. He is moving Washington, but not in the right direction. Before he has a cabinet assembled he has launched a reelection campaign. He has already picked out a slogan and now he is holding rallies to uphold his office, without doing a thing.

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